The USS Koru (NCC-59563) was a Nova-class starship. The Koru was commissioned on stardate 48992.3 (in 2371) at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, and Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Singh served as first officer aboard this ship. In 2372, Tawana Killan joined the crew as flight controller. There were 82 people serving aboard the ship as of stardate 49537.0.

The Runabout Avon was assigned to the Koru.

In mid-2372, the Koru, responding to the Avon's distress call, was severely damaged by the Myhr'an, destroying the bridge and crippling the rest of the ship. Captain Guenther Staerke and others were killed, while chief engineer Angus Ladd survived. As the USS Avon carried the survivors to the safety of the USS Cantabrian, the Koru exploded. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Catalyst, Part One")



  • Antonio Fernandes, in dialogue, establishes the Koru was approximately 8 light years from the Myhr'an border when contact was lost.
  • Damage, according to Angus Ladd, included destruction of the bridge, forward sections of decks 2 and 3, and most crew were dead at that point.
  • HOLIE provided facts and figures about the Koru in "Catalyst, Part One".
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