For information relating to the humanoid Trill species in Star Trek canon, see Trill. For more information relating to the humanoid Trill species in Star Trek fanon, see Trill.

The Trill were a humanoid species native of the planet Trill, recognizable by the spots running down the sides of their heads and bodies. Some humanoid Trill lived with a Trill symbiont within them. Their species was a member of the United Federation of Planets. (Star Trek: The Next Generation; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Isoboramine regulated connections between the symbiont and the host in joined Trills, and this neurotransmiter needed to remain within tolerable ranges. If the level fell below 40%, the host and the symbiont were at risk of death. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

The Trill Symbiosis Commission bore responsibility for matching symbionts to hosts. Approximately 300 symbiont were available annually to join with one of 5,000 potential hosts. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

The symbiont remained the host's top priority, and the host would give his or her life to protect the symbiont from harm or death. In 2372, a fatally-wounded Ulitania Jonar requested Dr. Marie Bourget remove the Jonar symbiont and transfer it to Tawana Killan to save the symbiont. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Oh, What a Lovely War")


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