Starfleet Intelligence Special Operations Branch, simply known as Special Operations (and sometimes known as Special Services), dealt with missions deemed too difficult, dangerous and/or sensitive for mainstream Starfleet starships. This was a branch of Starfleet Intelligence.


In the 2360s some Starfleet Special Operations operatives wore normal Starfleet uniforms when serving aboard starships.

By 2376, a variant of the uniform was available. This incorporated the Cantonese collar, but kept an all-black uniform, sans the division stripe on the shoulders, chest and back. One lower arm had a panel-like tricorder attached to a band wrapped around the area above the wrist, while the other lower arm had a phaser device attached to another band, with a firing mechanism in the hand grip. The pads of both hands were covered with fingerless gloves, one of which included a communicator on the hand's top. The uniform also had cargo pockets on each thigh of the pants. Pant legs were flared to allow easy-on and easy-off access.

Missions and branches

Special Operations had several sub-branches. Some of these operated similarly to normal Starfleet vessels and included high-risk missions such the 2371 USS Prospect mission to attempt to make first contact with the Dominion's Founders after the USS Odyssey's destruction in 2370. Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles

In 2384, operative Daniel Radke was disguised as a Romulan Tal Shiar agent to infiltrate the Romulan medical facility on Unroth III to safeguard and then retrieve a comatose Corey Aster. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Dream a Little Dream of Me")

Some more "hard core" branches of Special Operations existed, operating like infiltration teams.

Known members

Known members of Special Operations include:

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