Season three of Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles takes place at the end of 2366 and through 2367. After a near-miss with the Borg and confrontation with a time travelling historian, John Greene shakes up the USS Prospect command crew and investigates some strange goings-on, leading to a battle for their lives...

Main and supporting characters

Character Introduced Last Seen
John Greene Continuing from season 2
Anne Lansing "The Burnt Child"
Jason Athelstan "The Burnt Child"
Vanessa Biondo Continuing from season 2 "The Burnt Child"
Jennifer Drever Continuing from season 2
Kari Eriksson "The Burnt Child"
Michael Greene Continuing from season 2
Hahn Jun-Seok Continuing from season 2 "Lady Lazarus"
Justin O'Donovan Continuing from season 2
Daniel Radke "The Burnt Child"
George Stratos Continuing from season 2
Steven Tedesco Continuing from season 2
Evonne Wilson Continuing from season 2 "The Burnt Child"

Main plot points

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Episode Name Stardate Synopsis
3.1 "The Burnt Child" 43992.1 The Borg are attacking the Federation, and John Greene, Anne Lansing and Daniel Radke all face separate stories that intertwine to face the Borg and the aftermath...
3.2 "Starry, Starry Night" 44561.4 The USS Prospect's new operations manager and second officer Kari Eriksson finds herself intrigued by an alien painter, with the intrigue growing to an almost obsession...
3.3 "Honor Thy Father" 44657.6 The USS Prospect discovers a recently vacated planet with no trace of its inhabitants or foul play. But what their investigation finds shocks the crew...
3.4 "Live to Tell" USS Prospect CMO Dr. Justin O'Donovan and flight controller Jennifer Drever head back to the Prospect after a medical conference but things aren't quite what they appear...
3.5 "The Name of the Game" En route to the Skaaro homeworld to help investigate terrorism by a rebel faction, the USS Prospect discovers more than one hidden agenda. In the meantime, Michael Greene finds love aboard the ship...
3.6 "Lady Lazarus" 44836.8 The USS Artemis appears out of the blue, the ship long thought lost. As an away team beams over to the ship, the ghosts of the past are far from dead, and the crew engages in a life-or-death struggle that will change them all forever...
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