Season one of Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles takes place in six weeks towards the end of 2365. During this time, the USS Prospect crew are assigned to investigate the disappearance of several Starfleet starships near the Federation-Tzenkethi border to discover an attempt to start a new Federation-Tzenkethi War...

Main and supporting characters

Character Introduced Last Seen
John Greene "The Tzenkethi Incident"
Anne Lansing "The Tzenkethi Incident"
Jason Athelstan "The Tzenkethi Incident"
Vanessa Biondo "The Tzenkethi Incident"
Jennifer Drever "The Tzenkethi Incident"
Evelyn Granger "The Tzenkethi Incident" "Mass Extinction"
Michael Greene "The Tzenkethi Incident"
Hahn Jun-Seok "The Tzenkethi Incident"
Khar Tee-Phon "The Tzenkethi Incident" "Mass Extinction"
Justin O'Donovan "The Tzenkethi Incident"
Daniel Radke "The Tzenkethi Incident"
George Stratos "The Tzenkethi Incident"
Steven Tedesco "The Tzenkethi Incident"
Evonne Wilson "The Tzenkethi Incident"

Main plot points

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Episode Name Stardate Synopsis
1.1 "The Tzenkethi Incident" The USS Prospect is sent to the Federation-Tzenkethi border to investigate the disappearance of several Starfleet starships. The information they uncover is shocking, with a plan to re-ignite hostilities between the Tzenkethi Coalition and the Federation...
1.2 "Rose Tint My World"
1.3 "Mass Extinction" Not all is what it seems. Khar Tee-Phon and Evelyn Granger uncover a plot within the plot...
1.4 "The Cardassian Connection"
1.5 "Cascade Failure"
1.6 "The King Has Lost His Crown"
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