New Bolarus was a Class M planet and colony founded by Sileon Thall and the Bolian Isolationists.

Sileon Thall and his followers grew disappointed and disillusioned with Bolarus IX and its embracing of alien cultures, fearing cultural contamination of Bolian society. Sometime between his daughter Milami's birth in 2348 and her turning 10 in 2358, they left Bolarus IX and discovered their own planet, naming it New Bolarus.

Sileon's wife Ualla Thall grew despondent on New Bolarus and decided to return to the Federation. Ualla took Milami and three of her siblings back to Federation space.

Sileon Thall, with his sons Ghikadi, Fe'mek, daughter Ikani Thall, and most of the other followers stayed on New Bolarus.

As of 2372, the success or status of the colony was not known.

The distance between Bolarus IX and New Bolarus is not generally known but it is assumed it is under ten years' travel by moderate warp speeds.
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