"False Security" is a prequel episode of Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles.


Daniel Radke returns to the USS Artemis from a conference with news some Starfleet officers are behaving strangely. Is all what it seems with the Federation?

Background notes

  • The original version of this story, as have all the other Prospect adventures, have been lost. The author is attempting to re-write them as fast as he can.
  • This was originally a stand-alone story only with pre-history of the Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles characters.
  • This story ties in heavily with Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Conspiracy".
  • The sequel to this story is addressed in the third season's "Lady Lazarus".


Artemis, USS; Ashenfleder, James; Greene, John; Greene, Michael; Khar Tee-Phon; Laxamana, Annabelle; O'Donovan, Justin; O'Toole, Cathal; Lansing, Anne; Radke, Daniel; Sector 001; Stratos, George

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