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The Enipians were a species from the planet Enip.

Starfleet Special Operations teams from the USS Prospect and USS Arlington infiltrated sometime in early 2367 in an effort to determine if the Enipians were building weapons to attack the Federation. The mission was a failure, with Kari Eriksson and Vanessa Biondo captured, Daniel Radke and Anne Lansing trapped in the caves under one of the main cities, and the rest of the team dead. (Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles: "Lady Lazarus") This mission most likely took place between "The Burnt Child" and "Starry, Starry Night".

The away team was obviously saved somehow. The author intended the Enipians to be a Cardassian ally, and the weapons building were not for the Enipians but the Cardassians, as part of the build-up mentioned in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Wounded".

The Jenchum Suzerainty attempted to build a subspace weapon to deter the Enipians from their attacks on Goffan III. (Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles: "Starry, Starry Night")