The "Devil's Cube" was a Borg cube found drifting and heavily damaged in the Devil's Cradle by the USS Cantabrian in 2372. Ethan Arden gave it its nickname.

Upon closer inspection, the Cantabrian away team discovered several harpoon-like weapons lodged deep within the Devil's Cube. These weapons sent a surge through the cables attached, disabling the cube and its drones.

Cantabrian first officer Elizabeth Singh thought she discovered her daughter as a drone aboard the cube, but this hypothesis was disproven with a medical test.

The Cantabrian fled the attacking Devil's Cube after the cube's systems came back online, and the unknown adversary emerged again from a subspace rift. As the two alien ships battled, the Cantabrian made its escape, igniting metreon gas in its wake to either disable or destroy the enemy ships and collapse the subspace rift. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Devil's Cube")

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