For alternate reality space stations with the same name, see Deep Space 9 (Pendragon reality) and Deep Space 9-II (Pendragon reality).

Deep Space 9, also known as DS9 and once known as Terok Nor, was a Federation Starfleet-controlled space station in Bajoran-controlled space. Once a Cardassian ore-processing facility in orbit of Bajor, the Cardassians abandoned the station in 2369. In the same year, DS9 became a strategically-important station for the Federation and Alpha Quadrant after the discovery of the Bajoran wormhole, and became the first point of defense against a Dominion attack from the Gamma Quadrant before and during the Dominion War. Between 2369 and 2375, Captain Benjamin Sisko was the station's commanding officer. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

In early 2372, the USS Prospect-A was authorized by Major Kira Nerys from Deep Space 9 to enter the Bajoran wormhole on a top-secret mission to recover the folded space drive prototype from the USS Rutherford. Upon her return, the heavily damaged Prospect docked at Deep Space 9. DS9 was used as a dispersal point for the Prospect's crew, with several injured crew staying behind on DS9 for medical care. The USS Tundra arrived and towed the Prospect from DS9. (Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles: "Directive") These events take place during "Homefront" and "Paradise Lost".

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