Damian was the Dark Angel and leader of his Murder.

By late 2373, Damian and his Murder had taken over the Ekron colony. Using the colony's resident telepaths, Damian maintained control over the colony by feeding them their desires.

Unbeknownst to Damian, Starfleet asked the USS Cantabrian to investigate the radio silence from the colony, which normally reported to the Federation every second month.

Damian, however, detected the approaching ship and harnessed the telepaths aboard, allowing him easy access to the Cantabrian. The majority of crew beamed down the planet, all in their own hallucinations created by Damian.

He attempted to convince the colonists and Cantabrian crew to accompany him aboard the Cantabrian to take over a larger colony, but Yh'ahni, unaffected by Damian's telepathic advances, stopped him with the help of several Vulcan officers, including T'Piam.

With Yh'ahni and the Vulcan officers breaking Damian's telepathic hold, Damian warned of the approaching Dark Prophet and Dark Messiah before disappearing in a black, raven-like cloud of smoke over 10 meters high. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Dark Angel")

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