For information relating to the Cardassian species in Star Trek canon, see Cardassian. For more information relating to the Cardassian species in Star Trek fanon, see Cardassian.

The Cardassians were a humanoid species native of the planet Cardassia Prime, the homeworld of the Cardassian Union, in the Alpha Quadrant. They were recognizable by their light-grey skin color, two ridges running down their foreheads and around their eyes, a third ridge in the middle of their foreheads to their noses with a spoon-like indentation in the middle of the forehead, and large ridges running either side of their necks up to their jaws. Their hair was usually jet black in color and straight. (Star Trek: The Next Generation; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles)

The Cardassians had a rather rough history with the United Federation of Planets, including the Federation-Cardassian War. One of the battles in the war was the Battle of Ubessi over planet Ubessi, which led to the near-extinction of the Ubessians and ecological collapse of the planet. (Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles: "What a Difference a Day Makes")


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