Amila Thon was the commanding officer of a 27th century Federation starship sent back in time to observe the Battle of Wolf 359 in 2367.

Thon and USS Prospect Captain John Greene had a lengthy discussion about her past (and Greene's future). In this, she explained they were historians on a mission to witness the Battle of Wolf 359 firsthand and that the Prospect's disruption of their communication beam with the Borg cube sent six of her historians to their assimilations and possible deaths. She also revealed to Greene his name went down in history for fighting enemies "far worse" than the Borg, and that some members of his then-current crew, including second officer Evonne Wilson were not a part of his team to take on these "far worse" threats. Thon indicated to Greene he should ask Hahn Jun-Seok about some of these threats; something Hahn denied any knowledge of.

Later, a projection of Thon appeared to Greene aboard the Prospect to encourage him to get Anne Lansing and Daniel Radke to rejoin his crew as a part of his preparation for the upcoming battle. She also revealed he had faced the enemy before and would face that enemy again in the near future. (Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles: "The Burnt Child")

Thon appears to be serious in her allegations. She states Hahn is not what he appears and would know about the "far worse" enemies (he reveals he's a Na'arbi agent in "Lady Lazarus"), that Greene would face "far worse" enemies than the Borg (which would foreshadow encounters with the Dominion and the M'Tar), and Kari Eriksson would be the final player ("she comes from hope").
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