Alexandra de Groot was a Starfleet officer and former commanding officer of the USS Shabonee (NCC-19923) and USS Shabonee (NCC-64332). Her nickname was Sandy.

Born in 2327, de Groot was raised near Pretoria in the former nation-state of South Africa in the African Confederation on Earth.

De Groot was commanding officer of the Shabonee when Daniel Radke signed aboard as counselor in 2369. (Star Trek: Shabonee: "Divergence")

Towards the year's finish, the Shabonee was attacked and nearly destroyed by Breen pirates. Despite great damage to the ship, de Groot ordered a saucer separation, allowing the crew to escape as the stardrive section exploded. (Star Trek: Shabonee: "Scream")

In 2370, de Groot accepted command of the new Shabonee, albeit with a slightly different command crew. (Star Trek: Shabonee: "Dirge")

The Boogeyman entity shut down many key systems and areas aboard the Shabonee, and de Groot was one of the officers trapped, unable to assist first officer Penelope Koh and a handful of others defeat the Boogeyman. (Star Trek: Shabonee: "The Boogeyman")

By year's end, Starfleet Command promoted de Groot to the rank of Rear Admiral, lower half. The USS Prospect (NCC-60056) mission to the Gamma Quadrant to make first contact with the Founders in early 2371 was one of her first orders. (Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles: "Pure Massacre")

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